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as low as $1.97ea

Light Up Spinner

It spins! It lights up! A fun fidget toy for young and old alike. Spinning patterns of light add an extra dimension and endless entertainment.

as low as $2.99ea

Fiddle Cube

More discreet and tactile than a spinner, perfect for pocket or purse. Click, roll push, flip and turn. Quiet, unobtrusive fidget fun.

as low as $4.40ea

Fidget Spinner

The one everyone’s talking about, the classic original style spinner. Fast, friendly, fun. Available in your choice of colors, including two-tone.

as low as $1.99ea

Metal Slugs

Our classic spinner fitted with metal slugs. These heavier counterweights increase the momentum of the spinner, giving it extra spin time.

as low as $1.97ea

How To Order

1. Pick Your Fidget Toy

Choose a plastic or metal fidget spinner, with or without LED lights. Or select a fidget cube or smaller fiddle cube. If you want elegant metal spinners, we’ve got those too. Can’t decide? Order ‘em all!

2. Pick your colors and options

We offer our classic fidget spinners in a range of colors, both single and two-tone. Then choose your imprint color, either single- or full-color. Submit your selection and your custom text or logo to us.

3. Approve your proof. That's It!

We’ll email you a free design proof of your fidget toy with your custom imprint. Once you approve the design, just sit back and wait for our fast production and delivery right to your door!

Custom Fidget Spinners

Fidget spinners have gone from zero to trendy in the past year, and for a good reason. Not only are these tiny toys fun, but they are quiet and can help both children and adults to focus. There are many other fidget-friendly toys as well. So what's all the fuss about, anyway?

More Than Spinners

Fidget spinners aren't the only toys gaining attention. Fidget cubes are small devices that feature buttons, switches and rollers to keep restless energy contained so the user can concentrate on the task at hand. They come in a wide variety of colors and often can be attached to a key chain. When customized, fidget cubes have five fidget-friendly surfaces, with a logo, message or name on the remaining side of the cube. Both cubes and spinners are a terrific way to promote your brand or logo, putting it literally into your customers’ hands.

All About Fidget Toys

There are a wide variety of fidget toys. The basic fidget spinner is a three-lobed piece of plastic with weights on each lobe and a ball bearing in the center. When pushed, the lobes spin around the center bearing. They can be helpful to children and adults who have difficulty focusing on a task. Fidget toys of all types are perfect for just about anyone. They are small and easy to carry, and keep your brand or logo right in front of your customers every time they play with them.

How We Make A Difference

Free Artwork

We’ll help you design the perfect artwork for your spinner or cube, free of charge!

Free Revisions

Not quite what you want? No worries! We will revise your design absolutely free.

Price Match Guarantee

We won’t be undersold! Find a lower price elsewhere and we’ll gladly match or beat it!

100% Quality Guarantee

If any spinner or cube is defective in workmanship or materials, we’ll replace it at no extra cost to you!

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