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FAQ - What is a fidget?

You've seen fidget spinners all over and have possibly even picked up on the craze yourself. But, what is a fidget, and why are they so enjoyable? How much do know about fidget toys?

  • What is a Fidget?

    • Designed to help people with Autism, ADD and anxiety, fidget toys give something for busy hands to do. They feature mini activities that passively engage the hands while still allowing conscious attention to be directed elsewhere. Fidget toys include both fidget spinners and fidget or fiddle cubes that have multiple fidgeting surfaces.

  • How Do Fidget Toys Work?

    • Fidget spinners have a simplistic design while still packing lots of impact. A set of arms radiates from a middle point that contains a ball bearing. The arms rotate around the ball bearing when a push or flick starts the momentum. The low-friction parts provide spinning times of three minutes or more with each push. This fidget definition covers the most well-known type of fidgeting toy.

      Fidget cubes are a more versatile type of toy and newer than spinners. Cubes have a die-like appearance, with six sides, though they are slightly larger in size. Each side of the cube has different activities to manipulate with your fingers, with standard features such as buttons, rollers, grooves and knobs.

  • Why Are They So Popular?

    • Trends are hard to predict. The fidget toy craze is entirely organic, with no major company introducing or marketing these little bits of genius. Most of the popularity happened via public schools, where one kid had a fidget toy, possibly as a therapeutic aid, and the other children quickly realized how much fun they were. Their enthralling nature soon brought spinners to the attention of older siblings and even parents. They are not only toys but also used as focusing aids and tools for reducing anxiety.

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1. Pick Your Fidget Toy

Choose a plastic or metal fidget spinner, with or without LED lights. Or select a fidget cube or smaller fiddle cube. If you want elegant metal spinners, we’ve got those too. Can’t decide? Order ‘em all!

2. Pick your colors and options

We offer our classic fidget spinners in a range of colors, both single and two-tone. Then choose your imprint color, either single- or full-color. Submit your selection and your custom text or logo to us.

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We’ll email you a free design proof of your fidget toy with your custom imprint. Once you approve the design, just sit back and wait for our fast production and delivery right to your door!

Light Up Spinner

It spins! It lights up! A fun fidget toy for young and old alike. Spinning patterns of light add an extra dimension and endless entertainment.

as low as $2.99ea

Fiddle Cube

More discreet and tactile than a spinner, perfect for pocket or purse. Click, roll push, flip and turn. Quiet, unobtrusive fidget fun.

as low as $4.40ea

Fidget Spinner

The one everyone’s talking about, the classic original style spinner. Fast, friendly, fun. Available in your choice of colors, including two-tone.

as low as $1.99ea

Metal Slugs

Our classic spinner fitted with metal slugs. These heavier counterweights increase the momentum of the spinner, giving it extra spin time.

as low as $1.97ea

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