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OK, we know you’ve seen these. If you have a child, know a child, or have even seen a child on the street, you’ve probably seen a custom fidget spinner. You might have thought “cute toy.” But have you thought of it as a branding opportunity? These little spinners are everywhere now. They CAN be everywhere with your logo or brand printed right in the center. Break through the clutter of ordinary promotional items with something unique that puts your logo right into customers’ hands!

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Hot New Product

When it comes to hot new opportunities, this is one of the hottest! At just 3” in diameter, fidget spinners fit easily into a pocket or purse. We can imprint your logo in either one-color or full-color imprint. Our low prices make custom fidget spinners an ideal giveaway item for trade shows, youth promotions, conventions, even in-store promotions.

If you really want to wow folks, learn a couple of easy tricks like these below Demo these in your store, at a trade show or even on the street and you’ll have people clamoring to get YOUR logo into their hands!

Hand Transfer

For this trick, start the spinner moving with a thumb and finger firmly holding the center disk. With the spinner moving freely, throw the toy up in the air and catch it with the same fingers on the opposite hand, with the momentum still going. This movement is considered an easy spinner trick, readily mastered by even beginner tricksters.

Finger Catch

Begin spinning by holding the center disk between your thumb and finger. When the spinner gains momentum, release your thumb, so the center is resting on the pad of one of your fingers and still in motion. Gently throw the spinner upward and catch it on the pad of an adjacent finger. You can move the spinner from finger to finger down your hand and back up again until it rests on the starting point. This trick is slightly more challenging and a cool way to impress your friends.

Behind the Back Catch

If you really want to wow the crowd with your custom fidget spinner, try an advanced technique like the behind the back catch. This trick is similar to the hand transfer but, instead of throwing the spinner from hand to hand, you will throw it with slightly more force around your back, catching it with your opposite hand. While it takes more practice, this is an impressive spinner trick.

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