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Toys to keep hands busy aren't anything new, but the advent of the fidget spinner and fiddle cube propelled them right into the spotlight, Today's fidget toys just have more to offer! The fidget cube is the newest addition to the fidget-friendly promotional toy line.

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What Is a Fiddle Cube?

While the well-known fidget spinner has one primary job — spinning — the fiddle cube is more versatile. instead of one function, each side of the cube has a different mini activity for restless fingers. Opting for a custom fidget cube provides five fidgeting surfaces, with your logo or brand imprinted on the remaining side. There are a variety of activities on fidget cubes. Expect to see buttons, switches, clickers, rollers, grooves, spinners and knobs. Fiddle cubes come in a range of colors, and it’s surprising how much you can fit on the customizable surface, including words, phrases and graphic logos.

Why the Fuss?

Everyone knows about fidget spinners, but the cubes are gaining momentum as well. They’re a more discreet device, perfect for the bored in the boardroom.  Like spinners, they can help ease restless energy and boredom, improving focus on tasks. Just like spinners, they feature a side ready for your custom logo. They’re an excellent means of dropping your brand or logo directly into your customers’ hands. It’s a can’t-miss marketing tool! A custom fidget cube offers a fun way to show off logos or brands, whether you’re promoting a business, nonprofit or team. They’re far more than just toys!

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