Light Up Fidget Spinner

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Want a bright, bold way to burnish your brand? We’ve got the perfect thing – custom light up fidget spinners! Everyone has their own personal taste, with some people choosing a quiet, unassuming life and other preferring living as the life of the party. If promo items were people, the light up fidget spinner would be the unequivocal disco queen. If you want to get your brand noticed, let us imprint your logo in the center of these fast, flashy, fun spinners. Put a party in your customers’ hands!

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How They Work

All fidget spinners feature a similar design, with several lobes radiating from a central point with a ball bearing. While some models have only two lobes and others feature multiple points, the most common design features three weighted lobes. With a light up fidget spinner, each lobe has a button battery and very small LED light in each lobe. Some can be switched on or off, while others automatically illuminate when the spinner rotates.

 Light It Up!

LED fidget spinners are guaranteed to create a stir. It’s almost impossible to notice the luminescent whirring without stopping and asking to try it out. The multicolored strobing effect is mesmerizing and addictive, drawing a crowd and grabbing the attention of anyone passing by. That makes them perfect for in-store demos, trade shows, conventions, even street demos. It’s a fantastic, fun way to increase awareness of your brand!

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